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Expertise On Demand

We specialise in assisting shipping companies, investors and other stakeholders in making the right decisions, optimising processes and the performance of the organisations responsible for the management and operations within the industry.

Danica's senior management and network of experts composes a strong team of knowledge and experience within operations of vessels, technical management (including nautical and crewing matters) and organisation of ship-owning and ship-management companies.

Our team of consultants have all senior management experience within their field of expertise and can provide you with the best advice and solutions.

Typically, we are involved with:

  • Organisation efficiency and development
  • Auditing and Process optimization
  • Implementation of KPI systems
  • Outsourcing tendering
  • Change management
  • Advising and planning on mergers and acquisitions
  • Senior management placement
  • Interim management


If you are interested to learn more about Danica's consultancy services then please contact Capt. Henrik Jensen, jensen@danica-maritime.com. Telephone + 49 40 210 919 032