Recruitment through social media

Danica’s latest Seafarer Survey revealed that 92% of respondents admitted to checking the employment market during their home period.

At Danica we are fortunate to attract many applications from seafarers. Over the past 12 months we have received in excess of 7,000 submissions, bringing our database of Eastern European seafarers to more than 44K records. In addition, in any 12 month period, about 67% of seafarers access our online facilities to login and update their data.

On the face of it this may seem like a good statistic. However, we must tread cautiously to ensure these are the right applicants for our clients who, of course, want to employ reliable seafarers who can demonstrate a stable work record with reputable owners.

This presents a challenge: a seafarer who is steady, well-performing and pleased with their current conditions does not shop around or place unsolicited applications!

To reach these steady seafarers Danica has recently appointed a Social Media Manager, Nina Deinekina , and enhanced our presence on social media. We are placing carefully targeted posts and adverts in the online places that good workers may frequent in their downtime and so far the results show our efforts are being effective.

Henrik Jensen says: “Targeted advertising is proving to be a very efficient tool to reach seafarers and highlight our job offers. I am impressed with the ways we can use services like Facebook and Google to identify seafarers from their online use and activities. This enables us to reach them even when they are offshore and to bring our vacancies and opportunities to their attention.”

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