ÈTA Danica combines global crewing solutions with local knowledge

High quality global crewing provision combines with in-depth local experience in ÈTA Danica Crewing Services, a new venture which has started operations in the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands.

ÈTA Danica provides ship operators with a single point of access to more than 70,000 officers living in the areas covered by Danica’s eastern European manning network as well as Danica’s crew management systems and training services.

This joint venture between ÈTA People and Danica enables Dutch shipping companies to benefit from ÈTA People’s in-depth local experience and Danica’s high-quality crewing services.

ÈTA Danica offers the full range of crewing services, from providing crew on a single position basis to full crew management. Allocating the right crew members to meet clients’ needs is ensured by strict screening processes which include knowledge and psychometric tests as well as interviews by other captains or chief engineers with similar vessel experience.

The company’s horizontal organisational structure enables a hands-on and flexible approach, designing crewing solutions to match each clients’ individual needs while remaining very cost effective. Through the ÈTA philosophy, ÈTA Danica strives for efficiency on every level, including optimising crew composition and crew changes. In addition to crewing services, ÈTA Danica also offers problem-solvers, riding squads and repair teams.

ÈTA People was founded by Dutch Captain Sam Gombra and Marloes Stuivenberg who both have a long history within marine human resources and a full understanding of Dutch shipowners’ special needs and requirements.

Founded by former Captain Henrik Jensen, Danica is a leading crewing service provider with a network of owned manning offices across Eastern European and an associated office in the Philippines. Danica deploys about 1,500 crew and has 50+ office team members.

Marloes Stuivenberg, Managing Director said: “ÈTA Danica brings together the skills and experience of two crewing and recruitment specialists whose combined international and local expertise will be of great benefit to a wide range of Dutch ship operators.”

For further information visit the company website: http://etadanica.danica-maritime.com/

To discuss your crewing requirements please contact:
Marloes Stuivenberg, Managing Director
Tel +31 85 902 6809
Email management@etapeople.com

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