New Danica training courses

Although industry reports claim there is currently a balance in crew supply and demand, predicting shortages arising in 2025, the hands-on experience from crew professionals is different. There is a definite shortfall in the balance of competencies to meet available vacancies.

Danica has always provided specific training to cover gaps in competencies and in November we completed the development of two new courses which aim to address crew competency gaps.

The fitter rank is a rank with a huge shortage of competent candidates. We are now offering a welding course specifically designed to empower engine room staff to perform repair work where welding skills are required. The course gives participants welding qualifications in accordance with the standards of the American Welding Society.

Another shortage is in officers with knowledge and experience in log loading and lashing. This course gives the participants both a theoretical foundation and also practical examples on how to plan the loading of logs, as well as the specifics for securing the log cargo.

Please feel free to contact our Training Manager, Captain Kapitonov, on email, if you are interested in either of these courses.

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