Crew change cost efficiency

More than 250 vessels have crew from Danica Crewing Specialists onboard. Through managing many crew changes our crew logistics team has become experts in getting crew onboard and home in any place in the world.

Danica crew logistic services are cost-efficient and using them frees-up resources in your crewing department to focus on other tasks.

At the beginning of the pandemic it was only a question of moving crew. However, now crew change has evolved and become more complex. Clients using our crew logistic services now benefit from our gained experience which enables us to find the most cost-effective crew change solutions for them and thereby reduce crewing overhead costs.

Danica’s crew logistics solutions take care of the entire crew change process. Our services are offered to crew of any nationality and source – i.e.. the crew do not need to be deployed through Danica.

Based on the crew relief planning we, in close cooperation with the vessel operators, identify the optimal port for the crew change within the vessel’s trade pattern. Once the port and date are known, we then coordinate with the crew supplier and we tender the port agency services with three different suppliers. We also ensure the lowest possible airfares by tendering the travel at three different travel agencies.

The process is fully transparent and can be followed online in real time. As a client you can participate in any part of the process.

Please feel free to contact Tamara Ivanova, Managing Director of Danica in Ukraine, to learn more. Tel +380 50 395 1514, email

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