Danica embraces social media as part of its recruitment process

Reaching out to crew is an important part of our role here at Danica Crewing Specialists.

We are fortunate to have more than 50,000 seafarers on our database – but that doesn’t stop us reaching out further to potential new recruits around the world and particularly the next generation of seafarers.

Social media plays an important role in reaching the seafarers of tomorrow. At Danica we communicate directly with seafarers through a range of applications and social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram Messenger.

Telegram Messenger is a globally accessible, cross-platform, encrypted, cloud-based, and centralised instant messaging service. We find Telegram a very useful way of sharing details of vacancies with seafarers and are delighted that our Telegram – https://t.me/danicacrewing – is growing fast. We have at least 2,200 followers with more joining us daily!

On our social media platforms we have 3,494 Instagram followers; 14,073 Facebook followers; and 15,734 LinkedIn followers, meaning we can spread the news about our latest vacancies to a wide audience. Our online application system also helps to streamline our recruitment procedures.

Our Recruitment Manager Yulia Filchukova explains: “For crew both at home and at sea it’s important for them to be aware of vacancies so that they can ensure streamlined work planning. At Danica we are happy to embrace new ways of reaching out to our current and future crew members in ways that matter to them and suit their lifestyles.”

If you like to learn more about our recruitment procedures please contact our Group Recruitment Manager Yulia Filchukova via email: filchukova@danica-crewing.com or telephone +49 15203 050418 (also WhatsApp) or read more on our dedicated crewing website: http://www.danica-crewing.com/

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