Balance restored in Ukrainian crewing levels

We are pleased to report that crewing levels have now reached a balance between vacancies and available competent crew members.

Crewing levels were adversely impacted by the war in Ukraine which at first significantly impacted the number of crew members available from that country, particularly due to travel restrictions affecting healthy men aged 18 to 60. Over the summer numbers available varied as seafarers chose to meet up with their evacuated family members.

However, most seafarers are now resettled in new countries and, with increased costs of living in other parts of Europe, they are keen to return to sea and are cutting short their unpaid shore leave periods.

Danica CEO Henrik Jensen explains: “Since last autumn we have seen a balance establish between supply and demand for Ukrainian seafarers.”

“Previously most Ukrainian senior officers were on a four months on/off rotation, but now they are more likely to serve five months onboard and only two months at home, and these patterns are similar for other ranks too. The result of this is that each seafarer spends more time at sea and therefore this has compensated for any seafarers who are still not able to leave Ukraine. I anticipate that this crewing pattern will remain in place for some time to come,” he said.

According to the most recent ICS/BIMCO Seafarer Workforce Report, Ukraine tops the list of countries identified as most likely to supply seafarers in the future. It is a country with a long maritime history – seafaring is a tradition in Ukraine and there are even senior officers who are the third-generation sailors in their family. Ukrainian seafarers are well-trained and have high levels of competency which is further ensured by Danica’s robust vetting and ongoing workplace monitoring and support.

To discuss your crewing needs please contact Henrik Jensen via email or telephone +49 173 62 11 998 (also WhatsApp).

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