Artificial Intelligence and Maritime Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most popular topics across the maritime industry and the crewing sector is also looking closely at this high-tech development.

Danica can see some potential opportunities for AI to assist in our crewing processes. For example, our clients want competent candidates for their vacancies, and these need to be found and introduced quickly.

Danica’s signature is our careful and deep screening of each seafarer new to us to ensure our clients only get the staff with the right calibre onboard. Searching, negotiating and screening candidates is a time-consuming process. Our screening process takes time and conflicts with our clients’ desire to have crew instantly introduced.

We can therefore foresee that AI could speed up the searching and selection process by intelligently and automatically interacting with applicants to collect missing information from them, compare their competencies with the requirements of the vacancies, and generate specific questions to verify these, and even to suggest a more suitable vacancy for the applicant if necessary.

Today our large team of recruiters is doing this job and there is of course a limit to how many seafarers they can reach out to each day. Using AI we believe we could have an unlimited number of virtual recruiters to do the pre-filtering while our human recruiters concentrate on the final screening of candidates to ensure they are fit for the job offers.

In Danica we are already in the early stages of project-work to incorporate AI into our recruitment processes. Our project will include automatic and intelligent email exchanges with applicants, and artificial intelligence answering telephone calls and performing pre-screening interviews. It will be a self-learning process where we will also feedback on the employed seafarer’s performance when onboard and use that to finetune our ongoing screening and selection processes.

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