Danica – Your external crew department

In Danica we think and act as if we were the owners of the vessels trusted to us – that’s how much we care about your vessels!

Danica’s focus is to bring the best crew onboard our clients’ vessels and retaining the crews.

Each of our clients has a single point of contact with an assigned experienced crewing manager who works closely with your organisation to deliver the best crew in the most cost-efficient way. The Danica crewing manager personally stays in contact with your crew and coordinates between our five recruitment and manning offices.

Danica is not a mega-ship manager. We have very flat organisation and all clients have direct access to our senior management and can contact us at any time.

We are fully transparent. We are not involved in any technical management or have secret agendas to sell you additional services which you do not need. Nor do we use our own travel agencies, port agents or training centres. Instead, we cooperate with a wide range of high-quality vendors and, in each case, we select the best solution to ensure the best results in the most cost-effective way.

After wage costs the second highest cost element in a crew budget is travel expenses. We manage all travel very carefully by tendering every air journey at three independent travel agencies to ensure competition and achieve the lowest air fares. We do the same with port agencies services.

Please contact our CEO, Henrik Jensen, jensen@danica-maritime.com , +49 173 62 11 998
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