More crew – Better crew – For less costs

More crew: Danica has recruitment and manning offices in all key seafarer hubs in the world: Ukraine, Georgia, India, and the Philippines, as well as the EU. All our offices are owned by us and together our network of offices give access to a huge pool of competent crew. We have huge files of applications from high-quality seafarers thanks to Danica’s excellent standing in the seafaring communities – we are known by seafarers as a fair manning agency which only works for first class shipping companies and with all services free of charge for the seafarers.

Better crew: We carefully check each seafarer new to us. All our offices follow the same strict procedures expanding beyond simply checking the seafarers’ certification and qualifications to focus a lot more on their actual knowledge, skills, IQ, social behaviour, and leadership profile.

Less costs: To recruit and retain crews of the right calibre you need to pay them fairly and in accordance with market levels. In Danica we are in touch with more than 10K applicants every year. This gives us a unique insight into the offered remuneration packages for each rank and nationality. We share our knowledge with our clients, designing the right wage scales to ensure intake and retention. Yes, there is currently a crew shortage putting pressure on wages but you do not need to be the market leader in remuneration in order to get the right seafarers.

We are fully transparent: We are not involved in any technical management; we have no hidden agendas to sell you additional services which you do not need; nor do we use our own travel agencies, port agents or training centres. Instead, we cooperate with a wide range of high-quality vendors and, in each case, we select the best solution to ensure the best results in the most cost-effective way.

After wages the second highest cost element in a crew budget is travel expenses. We manage all travel very carefully by tendering all air travel at three independent travel agencies to ensure competition and the lowest air fares. We do the same with port agencies services.

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