Seafarer shortages requires a diversified crew sourcing strategy

If some one tells you that they can easily supply you with competent crews covering any ranks then you should not listen further.

Whilst it is correct that the supply and demand for ratings and junior ranks are nearly in balance at present, it is certainly not the case for competent, well-experienced senior officers.

Shipping companies traditionally source their seafarers from one or two countries. There were valid practical reasons for this. The shipping company only needed to find and vet a few manning agencies who could represent them locally, and it is easier to bring crews together for seminars and training if they are from one place. There are of course also certain economics of scale to be gained by only using a few nationalities.

However, in today’s global shipping industry you need a much broader sourcing strategy to ensure sufficient intake of talent and mitigate against any unforeseen crew supply issues.

Danica is the ideal partner here. We offer a network of owned recruitment and manning offices in all the key seafarer hubs in the world: Ukraine, Georgia, Indian, the Philippines and the EU.

All our offices operate to the same high Danica ISO-certified standards. A seafarer is screened in exactly the same way regardless of which Danica office they are recruited through. Our clients benefit from having only one contact person in Danica who coordinates recruitment, joining formalities and all other matters with the crew members and our local offices. Any practical concerns with training and seminars are easily resolved using online meeting tools and other electronic methods of engaging with your seafarers – indeed these are smarter and more efficient ways.

In short: Danica is an integrated, multinational crewing services provider ready to serve you best.

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