Danica’s 2023 Seafarers’ Survey attracts industry attention

Danica’s 2023 Seafarers’ Survey has attracted a great deal of industry attention since the results were published earlier this week.

Our annual survey attracted responses from more than 6,000 seafarers and we have compared the responses with our previous four surveys to discover:

  • Salaries are rising by at least 10% as the crew employment market tips in the favour of seafarers
  • Shortages are evident in certain ranks – with salaries rising sharply for these seafarers as a result.
  • Seafarers are largely satisfied with a career at sea but strong competition remains from shore employment.
  • There are still welfare issues evident, particularly in relation to salary non-payment and late relief. Bullying and other issues are a concern but increasing numbers of seafarers have access to mental health support and are finding this helpful.
  • Training is now delivered principally online. However, there is still a shortage of training in ‘soft skills’ such as leadership.

To read the survey results for yourself please click here

Our CEO Henrik Jensen would be pleased to discuss our survey results with you. Please contact him on jensen@danica-maritime.com or tel: +49 173 62 11 998

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