Availability of Ukrainian seafarers back to pre-war levels

As the war between Russia and Ukraine enters its third year we are pleased to report that the availability of Ukrainian seafarers is now on the same level as before the war broke out.

Shipping has an ability to adapt quickly to change. When the war broke out there was concern as to whether Ukrainian seafarers would be lost to the international maritime employment market. However, some 60-70% of Ukrainian seafarers were already onboard ships. Instead of returning home to Ukraine, the majority settled in other parts of Europe with their families who had fled the conflict, and they therefore continued to be available. Other seafarers also left Ukraine, boosting seafarer availability to pre-war levels.

In addition, seafarers now living in Europe are establishing a new life which requires funds to do. These crew are choosing to accept longer contracts and shorter vacation periods which gives more sea-days per seafarer and covers up for the small amount of seafarers still remaining in Ukraine and unable to leave.

Licenses also became an issue as Ukrainian seafarers were unable to return to the country to renew their necessary licences due to the country’s ruling that all men of fighting age must join the army. However, the Ukrainian authorities have established procedures for seafarers to undertake their five-year license renewal in Poland. In addition, the maritime authorities in many EU countries are also assisting Ukrainian seafarers with renewal and upgrading of their certificates.

As a result these well qualified, competent and experienced Ukrainian crew are available to work and keen to do so.

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