Beware polished applications

Sadly, we are seeing an increase in the number of ‘polished’ applications from seafarers who submit false sea service records and ranks in an attempt to gain a post they aren’t properly qualified for.

This is a dangerous time in the crewing market. With shortages in certain ranks and further predicted, it can be tempting for employers to speed up their recruitment process and even to lower their standards. Some seafarers are taking advantage of this rush by claiming experience at higher ranks or in different roles.

Our advice is that now is not the time to reduce your levels of vigilance. At Danica Crewing Specialists we maintain the same high standards at all times when recruiting seafarers. We continue to robustly screen, test, and cross-check documentation for every candidate to ensure they have the right skillset, competencies and behaviour to join our workforce.

Our excellent standing within the seafaring communities around the world helps us to attract quality candidates. We’re known for being a fair recruitment service offering jobs and careers with leading shipping companies.

Importantly, our services are fully free of charge towards seafarers. We do not charge a sign-on fee and, in our experience, we believe that this practice can lead to lower standards and embellished CVs. This enables us to source the very best seafarers and our clients continue to benefit from having professional people operating their vessels.

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