Crew Agency

Crew on demand
Danica’s network of offices covers the major seafarer hubs across Eastern Europe and gives you access to more than 70,000 officers.

We founded Danica Crewing Services to benefit from the huge pool of well-educated, experienced officers in Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic States, as we recognised that many shipowners and managers were struggling to find a reliable manning agency which could ensure the quality of crew needed.

At Danica we know that our clients rely on first-rate seafarers for their maritime operations . Being a leading crewing services provider, we are totally committed to meeting your requirements, and we are totally focused on client satisfaction.

For your convenience, we have offices in Ukraine, Russia and Latvia – all the key hubs for Eastern European seafarers – and all of our offices work together to fulfil our clients’ need for top-level crew. By using Danica you will benefit from having a single access point to a huge pool of capable seafarers.

Our mission is to find the best and most talented seafarers for your vessels within the salary range offered. We carefully select seafarers who match your company’s requirements. Our screening is holistic and, in addition to technical skills and knowledge, we also screen for leadership and behaviour. You can read more about our strict screening process here.

In addition to the manning agency services we also provide a number of value-adding services such as crew planning, logistics, travel management, accounting and payroll services, as well as offering a range of training opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about Danica’s manning agency service then, please contact Captain Henrik Jensen by e-mail or by phone: +49 40 21 09 190 32