Danica crew means stability and loyalty
The crew Danica offers are highly professional, committed people who want long-term employment.

We believe the basics for keeping a high retention rate are simple: Be fair, keep promises and offer a good future. In Danica we take care of these basic principles to ensure our clients benefit from high retention rates.

Although worldwide statistically there is a balance between the number of seafarers and the number of positions available onboard, this is not the case when looking at competencies. Highly competent seafarers have a lot of job options. In Danica we have the systems and tools to keep them with you!

Taking the extra step to keep seafarers with you does not mean that you have to pay higher wages. We have more efficient and cost effective tools rather than the usual ‘return bonus’ or ‘seniority bonus’.

These tools includes high-quality private medical insurance for seafarers and their families at very low premiums, which we can achieve through economics of scale.

Our commitment to developing and training our crew, combined with providing great career opportunities, ensures our junior officers stay with you. Our successful retention rate generates a productive pipeline and our clients soon find their senior officer vacancies are filled through in-house promotion rather than by recruiting new hands.