Supporting Services

Supporting Back Office Services
In addition to our manning agency and crew management services we also offer a range of value-added services.

You can benefit from our expertise and achieve savings through economies of scale by outsourcing parts of your crewing operations to us.

Using our outsourcing services is not only a cost efficient way to manage your seagoing staff but it will also enhance the crewing of your vessels by allowing your crew managers to focus on the core human resource management for your seagoing personnel while we will take care of the routine crewing administrative tasks.

We have an experienced team, procedures and tools in place to ensure the efficient and cost effective administration of your seagoing personnel of any nationality and through any manning provider. Our services, from which you can cherry-pick, include:

  • Arranging for crew changes
  • Crew relief planning
  • Payroll and allotment administration
  • General crew administration (upkeeping of crew data records)
  • Provisions
  • Competence and training management
  • Crew insurance and claims handling

The scope of delivery of each of the services can be designed to meet your exact needs. We will assign a dedicated manager and team to work for you. Our expert teams are well-experienced in crew administration.

You will have full access to all data at any time through our online system to ensure full transparency. We can of course also use your existing systems.

If you are interested to learn more about how you can benefit from our back office services then please contact Capt. Henrik Jensen,, Telephone + 49 40 210 919 032