Danica’s team members have their roots in ship owning companies

All Danica’s management team, as well as many staff members, have spent part of their career working in ship owning companies.

This direct experience enables us to understand first-hand what your corporate struggles are and what impact having underperforming crew can make. We have also experienced ships with well-performing, well-trained, and loyal crews onboard and seen how these competent teams have successfully tackled even difficult situations without causing any disruptions or losses.

With Danica you can be sure of getting the right crew to meet your needs. We avoid the risks and consequences of not having the right people onboard, by carefully screening all seafarers new to us. We developed this successful, strict and holistic screening regime when we created Danica was more than 10 years ago.

Our screening goes well beyond simply checking the qualifications and certificates of a seafarer. We take a deep dive into the personality of all candidates including IQ, social behaviour skills and leadership. That way we are able to fit the right crew members to your vacancies.

Please contact our CEO, Henrik Jensen, jensen@danica-maritime.com , +49 173 62 11 998
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