It’s not about employing the right person – it’s about not employing the wrong one”

In Danica we understand the importance of fitting the right candidate to the right vacancy. We know our seafarers well because they have all undergone our comprehensive recruitment process, including verification, interviews and careful screening using a number of HR tools including psychometric testing.

Our experience tells us that the candidates who seems to tick all the knowledge and skill requirements might not actually be able to apply them. Equally, having experience is important but, with the shipping industry evolving at fast pace, it is now equally essential to identify seafarers who have the kind of mindset which can embrace change and learn new skills.

Danica’s screening process checks the candidate’s’ professional knowledge using interviews, background checks and testing. However, to be an asset in a small team onboard a vessel, personality is equally important – and for senior officers it is critical. That’s why Danica screening also includes IQ, personality tests and interviews by our recruitment captain and chief engineers to map the candidate’s personality, social skills, and leadership qualities.

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