Vyacheslav Melnychenko

Vyacheslav Melnychenko is a Ukrainian citizen and a graduate of Odessa National Maritime Academy’s Faculty of law and economics. Since 2010 was

Galyna Silantieva

Galyna Silantieva is a Ukrainian citizen and a graduate of Odessa State Economic University of International Economy Department. Before joining

Yulia Filchukova

Yulia Filchukova is a Ukrainian citizen, a graduate of Odessa National University's International Affairs Department. She was employed as a crewing

Tamara Ivanova

Tamara Ivanova is a Ukrainian citizen and a graduate of the English and German languages department of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University. She

Peter Jarvsoo

Peter Jarvsoo is an Estonian citizen with long experience in ship management and HR marine. Peter has held senior management positions in EMS

Oleg Ivanov

Oleg Ivanov is a Russian citizen with a background as a deck officer and has a strong background, as well, in Marine HR, with significant operational

Henrik Jensen

Henrik Jensen, a Danish citizen, has a background as a captain and more than 20 years’ high-quality shipping experience on shore. Henrik’s