Vijay Rangroo

Head of Danica Crewing Services in India and CEO of Energios

Vijay Rangroo is the Founder & CEO of Energios, a broad-spectrum maritime consulting company specialised in all aspects of managing ships, from acquiring new tonnage to finding end-of-life solutions. His association with ships began in 1975 as a deck cadet, progressing to become a Captain in 1983. He has continued his career ashore since 1986 with ship management companies in Hongkong, Mumbai, Bergen and Singapore. The experience and expertise of more than 35 years, gained from building ship management and manning companies, running ships, and managing owners’ expectations, has been captured in the very fabric of Energios and made available to ship owners, asset financiers and the maritime cluster in general. His eye for details, analytical skills and cost management, combined with people skills, delivers value in any service a client chooses. In addition to his ‘day job’ as a ship manager he is also a qualified Maritime Arbitrator and Mediator.

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Dimitris Liolios

Dimitris Liolios is Director and Partner of Seanovate Marine, Danica’s manning office in the Philippines working exclusively for Danica.

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